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Sello enters into a new partnership with the sales agent Aska Agency

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

“I have worked with both Karl and Edward before and when I heard that they had teamed up through Aska, I was very happy for our customers. Their background from both brand and platform makes them a good partner for businesses looking for a comprehensive solution, with a focus on building long-term sales and protecting their brand. By combining Sello and Aska's experience, expertise, scalable mindset, and business models, we can build up our joint customers' business via Sello to an even greater extent." - Mikaela Berglund, Head of Partnerships and Marketing,, a leading Swedish integration platform that integrates third-party sellers with online marketplaces, today launches a strategic partnership with Aska Agency, a sales agent for online marketplaces specializing in fashion and lifestyle brands.

Through its new partnership with Aska, Sello has developed its capabilities to offer fashion and lifestyle brands solutions in the optimization and growth of business on marketplaces.

“Sello offers an innovative integration platform where we can easily launch and work with marketplaces. We at Aska, and our clients, love Sello's scalable business model as well as user-friendly and simple solutions for the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in marketplaces today," says Karl Lindhe, founder of Aska Agency. "By combining Sello's solutions and our services and expertise, we help brands sell more on marketplaces, we look forward to helping more of Sello's customers grow their business."

About ASKA

Aska is a marketplace sales agent focused on fashion and lifestyle brands.

Unlike traditional consulting agencies, Aska works with a commission-based business model that reflects its vision of being a scalable solution where long-term success is the basis of partnership. Aska builds up and optimizes the product portfolio and manages the operational management of the marketplaces. Aska has experience from several fashion and lifestyle-oriented marketplaces such as Zalando, Miinto, Galeries Lafayette, Åhléns, and more. The portfolio today includes brands such as Lexington, Frank Dandy, Denjo Dogs, and La Rouge.

“We come from brands and know the challenges business' face when they want to build up their marketplace portfolio. Many brands miss out on the incredible sales opportunities that marketplaces provide and we give them the opportunity to take advantage of these without losing focus on their core business. We believe in long-term growth with all our partners and see ourselves as part of the team, something that leads to long-term growth and strong brands.” - Karl Lindhe, Aska Agency

About Sello

Sello is a complete platform designed to manage marketplace sales and products, all from one place. Sello was built with the aim of streamlining, simplifying, and facilitating marketplace sales. All functions are fast, efficient, and designed so that you can manage multiple orders and products at the same time. is currently used by over 2,000 businesses and currently handles over 35 million products for customers worldwide. Sello has ready integrations with most of the world's largest marketplaces such as Zalando, Åhléns, Amazon, Stadium, and Miinto.

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