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The partnership between Sello and Wish makes your Wish sales in Sello free of commission. Read on how to get started today!

Alexander Westerdahl


By Alexander Westerdahl

The big commotion around Wish is hardly comparable to other marketplaces. Wish grew fast and with help of Youtube hauls, aimed advertisement and news articles Wish was hard to miss. In 2018 Sweden customs had a big issue with packages, many from Wish, as the customer required to pay their customs fee to claim the package. Wish solved this by entering a special agreement with Swedish logistic company PostNord to avoid the customer having their package stuck at customs.Wish is one of the easiest marketplaces to get started with – You don’t have to categorize a single product!

In this article we will go through the basics of selling on Wish.


It is free to start a Wish account and it is also fast and easy. You start by registering an account and enter your account details. After that you finish the account by confirming your email and select using Sello as your Partner. When this has been taken care of you can connect Wish to your Sello account and start preparing and publishing your products!

As with other marketplaces, Wish gets a cut of your sales. In the partnership between Sello and Wish, your Wish sales is free of commission in Sello! This means that Sello will not charge you commission for your Wish sales.


On Wish low-price items do best, products that can be sold to really low and luring prices.

Products sold on Wish have to be physical items and you can list most types of products, except for forbidden products like lighters, counterfeits, weapons and baby car seats (read the entire list here: Forbidden products). Products sold on Wish do not require categorization like other marketplaces, instead you can focus on writing an eye-catching product title and have high quality. sharp and clear images.

Shown below is an image of what a listing on Wish can look like.



PRICES AND SHIPPING FEE When publishing a listing you should always check that you have the correct price and shipping cost set. Wish will not approve of increasing the prices more than 25 % or 1 USD for a 4 month period. Read more about this topic on Wish Product Price Restriction Policy.

DELIVERY TIMES AND EXPRESS DELIVERY You can decide to what countries you can deliver to in you Wish settings in Sello. Orders on Wish must be packaged and sent to the delivery company within 5 days. If you have the option to package and deliver the orders within 5 business days we recommend that you sell with Wish Express. Selling with Wish Express provides better visibility of your products. Apply to start selling with Express on you Wish account.

To sell with Express you then create a new Wish connection in Sello, aimed to the same Wish account, or you update your existing Wish connection. Define in the connection settings that you offer Express delivery and to what countries. To some countries, like Sweden and Spain, you have up to 8 working days to deliver the package and still qualify for Express. Read more about Express delivery times here.

DELIVER PACKAGES WITH CARRIERS APPROVED BY WISH To delivery and order on Wish you need to add tracking number and use one of the shipping providers Wish approve. This is called the Accepted Shipping Carrier Policy and Wish will list their approved shipping carriers to and from different countries. Only certain carriers are approved to deliver packages to Sweden. To other countries, most carriers are accepted. If you fail to deliver using one of the approved shipping carriers you could be forced to refund the order.


REGISTER FOR A WISH ACCOUNT Start by registering a Wish account, select that you are using Sello as a partner and then follow Sello’s Connection guide for Wish. When Wish has been connected you can prepare your products in Sello and when ou deem they are ready, activate the products to publish them on Wish. If you have questions on selling on Wish or if you want help to get started, contact us at and we will help you!

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