Lexington extends its partnership with Sello & Aska

Lexington chose Sello & Aska to launch in the prestigious marketplaces Galeries Lafayette & Le BHV Marais.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

“Lexington has previously used Sello to enter the Miinto marketplace and we felt it was a given to contact Sello for Galeries Lafayette & BHV given our close collaboration. The deadline was a month later, Lexington was to open a physical space at Galeries Lafayette's flagship on Boulevard Haussmann in central Paris in July 2022 and the shop needed to be live before then. Despite that, we felt confident that Sello, Aska and Lexington together would be able to deliver and we were at the finish line with a few days to spare!” - Says Karl Lindhe, Founder and CEO at Aska Agency.

Galeries Lafayette is France's largest and most prestigious department store and was founded in 1912. The department store also has a popular online marketplace that has over 4.6 million visitors a month. Le BHV Marais is now part of the same group but is a little older and was founded as early as 1856, like Galeries Lafayette they offer an exclusive shopping experience where the focus is on inspiring passionate traders in, above all, home furnishings.

In order to be offered as a brand to launch on the respective department store's marketplace, you must have a physical space in one of their department stores in France. High demands are placed on brands that want to launch, and by Lexington opening an area at their flagship on Boulevard Haussmann in central Paris, the possibility of a presence at Galeries Lafayette's and BHV's marketplaces was also opened up.

Due to the selective selection of brands, it is also a challenge to find a partner that can quickly integrate against their Mirakl platform.

“When Karl came to us, we had an integration to Galeries Lafayette, but not one to BHV Marais. But luckily, we have an efficient developer who added a connection to BHV Marais, as well as a fast-learning onboarding manager who knew how to go about meeting a tight deadline.” - Says Mikaela Berglund, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at Sello.

Today, Lexington has around 1000 products that are active at Galeries Lafayette and Le BHV Marais. Sello is connected directly to Galeries Lafayette's and BHV's Mirakl platforms. Sello is then in turn set up via Centra, which is Lexington's e-commerce platform, and orders are thereby delivered to their business system. Through that connection, Lexington can both utilize the connection between Sello and Centra to manage order flow as well as image and product data.

For further information, please contact:

Mikaela Berglund, Head of Partnerships and Marketing, Sello AB

Phone: +46 734 301 300

Email: mikaela@sello.io

Karl Lindhe, Founder, Aska Agency AB

Phone: +46 70 299 49 49

E-mail: karl.lindhe@askaagency.com

Matilda Tuovinen, Global PR Coordinator, Lexington Company

Phone: +46 8 545 558 00

Email: matilda.tuovinen@lexingtoncompany.com

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