Succeed on online marketplaces - Part 2. Images

Having good product images is vital today, in this article we are going to list 3 reasons for why.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Why are images so important in a product listing?

It doesn't matter how detailed, informative, and selling your product description is, if you have crappy low quality images, your conversion rate will be affected negatively. Why? Well, what do you think the consumer looks at first? Yes, the images.

High quality

The images should be high resolution and bright, images with bad lightning are never appreciated and can make your entire product ad look less serious.

If your images aren't of high quality, how do you expect your customer to believe that your product will be of high quality?


Amount of images

Include several images of the product but from different angles. Both detail and model images are recommended, and sometimes even required.

What impact does it have if I include images with different angles?

Well, how often do you go into a physical store, see e.g. a ski jacket and just buy it (if it's not discounted)? Don't you usually take it in your hands and turn it to see what it looks like on the side/backside? And in most cases, you go to a fitting room and try it out, or am I wrong?

As the consumer can't try your product online, don't you want to show it as much as you can for the consumer to that person exactly knows what the product looks like? This is not just good for making the product listing look more attractive, it can also help reduce your return rate. Because if the consumer already knows, before purchase, how the product looks like, the chance of that person returning it because it didn't meet their expectations is automatically reduced.


Most marketplaces have their own image requirements. Hence, you need to customize your images based on the marketplace you wish to go live on. Sello has some tools that can help you facilitate this process, you can read more about them here.

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