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Are you selling sports products? Then this marketplace may be a good fit for you!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Go Sport

Exactly as the name reveals, this French marketplace focuses on sport. GO sport is a well-known brand and was founded already in 1978. They launched their first version of the marketplace in 2014, and in 2017 they updated their technology and went over to the popular Mirakl platform. Today they have over 300 sellers on their marketplace.

In similarity with many other marketplaces, the buyer will be able to see who the seller and the shipper of the product are. In addition to this, the buyer will also be able to contact the seller directly; and as a seller at GO sport, you will have to answer the buyers’ questions thoroughly both before and after delivery. When you have published your first offer on the marketplace you will get a so-called 30-day trial period. During this period Go sports will evaluate if you comply with the marketplace’s requirements, if not, they may close your account. Go sport calls this period “Seller in approval”.


  • This marketplace is one of the leading sports distributors in France.
  • Over 2.5 million visitors/month
  • More than 13 million unique searches/year
  • Verified reviews (see explanation below)



The buyers will be able to write a review on Go-sport once they have fulfilled the purchase, they will also receive an email 20 days after their order has been placed asking if they could review their shopping experience. Go-sports’ customer service will then, within two weeks, go through the review in order to see that it meets the criteria for “verified reviews.”


If you fulfill certain criteria, you will be given a premium label. This is a valuable feature as it tells the buyer that you will provide them with great service. How do you get this label then? Go-sport will evaluate you based on 4 different categories, these are:

  • Delivery
  • Number of positive reviews
  • Number of incidents
  • Compliance with commitments

If you perform well on these, you may have the opportunity to be awarded this valuable label.



Go-sports take a monthly commission of €30 plus a provision that is based on your sales. The provision differs depending on the category you sell your products in, and it looks as follows:

  • Accessories: 12%
  • Camping equipment: 12%
  • Culture (books/DVDs).: 15%
  • Food supplement: 12%
  • Games: 12%
  • High Tech: 10%
  • Luggage: 15%
  • Shoes: 15%
  • Spare parts: 12%
  • Sports Equipment / Large material: 12%
  • Sports Equipment / Small equipment: 12%
  • Textile: 15%

Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Apply for an account here.

Do you already have an account at GO sport and want to connect it to Sello? Send us an email and our onboarding team will help you: support@sello.io.

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