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Can I connect multiple webshops to Sello using ChannelConnector?

Yes and No – You can, but only if you are using WooCommerce. If you are using another system such as Magento, Prestashop or Shopify, only one webshop can be connected.

Can I import my products products to Sello?
Can I manage my inventory data and ship my orders using Sello?
Can I use Sello to sell on marketplaces only?
Can you help me migrate from my current platform to Sello?
Do I need a seller account with the channels I want to sell on?
Does Sello have any limits on things such as products or connected sales channels?
Does Sello offer lower commission rates for large merchants?
How often does Sello import new orders from my sales channels?
I Sello available in all countries?
I am already selling on marketplaces, can I still use Sello?
Is Sello really free of charge if I do not succeed?
Is using Sello to sell on Fruugo really free?
What is the monthly cost of Sello Premium?

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