One of France's leaders in jewelry

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Cleor has existed since 1997 and it has a huge passion for jewelry. In 2018 they opened up their marketplace which is built on the popular marketplace platform - Mirakl.

Today, the company has over 140 jewelry stores in France and several partner brands that make sure they are always up to date with new trends in jewelry. Cleor is a specialist in jewelry and watchmaking and they are one of the leaders in France.

There are three words that describe Cleors’ entire philosophy: Live, Shine, Love.


Specialist in Jewelry

Being a specialist in jewelry and watches, Cleor wants to forward their knowledge to their customers and help them in deciding which jewelry may fit their needs. This can be shown throughout their entire platform and especially in their guides. They have specific guides about materials, stones, finding the right size, jewelry care, and so on.

Common attributes for this marketplace

To sell your products on this marketplace, we would recommend having the following attributes:


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