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What can you do to improve your Amazon sales? Start by reading these tips and tricks!

Alexander Westerdahl


By Alexander Westerdahl

To sell on Amazon can be tempting as Amazon is well known by both consumers and online retailers, but as a seller it can be a challenge to get the results one has dreamed of on Amazon. The competition is fierce and Amazon has a conscious strategy of getting sellers who offer the same product to compete for the customer. However, some sellers succeed and gain their best sales on Amazon. What can you do to improve your Amazon sales? Start by reading these tips and tricks!


Even if you are the only seller of a certain product it can still be a challenge to get the exposure you would like. Both to be found in the search results and to get the customer who enters your product listing to purchase the product can be difficult.

To be visible in the search result require both time and commitment. It is important to have relevant keywords in the product title, so describe your product with several words. Try to search for products similar to yours on Amazon to see what appear in the search results. Another thing that can improve your visibility in the search results is to have good product reviews, so make sure to care for the customers who choose to buy from you.


The listing on Amazon is in many ways different than a listing anywhere else. An example of this is that the product description is basically hidden. It is the title, the pictures and the prices that first catches the customer’s eye. Add several pictures of high quality to display the product thoroughly.

To utilize the bullet points on the right side of the picture is a fantastic way to influence the customers who have entered your listing. Here you can write about the main sales arguments for purchasing the product and do not fear of writing too much. The bullet points will be one of the first texts the customers see so you want the product to make a good impression.

Below is a picture showing an Amazon listing. Notice how the bullet points are acting as a description of their own.


AIM TO BE IN THE BUYBOX Amazon lists all possible sellers on each product listing so if several sellers compete about the same product, Amazon’s algorithm will place one of the sellers in the “BuyBox”. On Amazon you should aim to be the preferred seller, to be featured in the BuyBox. Being featured in the BuyBox means that when the customer wish to add the product to the cart, the seller in the BuyBox will be the one receiving the order. Exactly what the algorithm looks like is kept a secret by Amazon, but some popular tips include offering the product at a low price, offering fast and cheap shipping and having positive customer reviews. Customers can choose to purchase the item from another seller than the one featured in the BuyBox but it would require that the customers actively select another seller.


To sum it up we can say that there are several factors that influence the sales on Amazon and the most important thing is to test different things. Down below is a list of the most important tips to improve sales on Amazon.

Tip nr 1. Use bullet points on your product listings – this is the first descriptive text the customer will see, except for the title.

Tip nr 2. Use a separate title for the product on Amazon and try your way with different names and keywords. The more hits, the bigger chance that the product gets sold!

Tip nr 3. Use attributes and keywords to improve the SEO of the product. The attributes that should be on the product are color, manufacturer, brand, size or measurement and material, but depending on what product you are selling more attributes may be needed.

Tip nr 4. Customer service will improve the number of positive reviews which in turn will improve your visibility. Nourish and care for the customers who order from you.

Tip nr 5. Use several high quality pictures of the product. The main image should always be on a white background and the following pictures can include other types of backgrounds.

Tip nr 6. Enter one of your listings and experience the product in the same way the customer experience the product. Is there anything you can improve?

Tip nr 7. On Amazon, customers kan ask questions about your product – These can be answered both by you and by other customers. Make a habit of regularly going through these questions and answering the questions as this will help future customers to fulfill their purchase.

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