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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Today, there is a whole jungle of different marketplaces, so knowing which marketplace suits you and your products can sometimes feel like a challenge. All marketplaces also have different product requirements, some have more others have less. We at Sello keep a close eye on this and can help you add these requirements, which are usually in the form of various attributes such as material, material percentage, washing information, different kinds of sizes, etc.

We can also help you in choosing a marketplace and inform you about what's expected of you as a seller in each marketplace and which marketplaces are trending there and then.

In this article, we will go through marketplaces that suits you if you sell products in the following categories:

  • Clothes
  • Children's clothing
  • Shoes
  • Underwear/nightwear
  • Jewelry/accessories



  • Zalando
  • Miinto
  • Secret Sales
  • Afound

Zalando is one of the world's largest marketplaces, especially when it comes to fashion. Selling clothes on Zalando is a smart choice if you are new to marketplace sales, as this channel draws an incredible amount of traffic to their marketplace and they have over 46 million customers.

Åhléns has a customer club that consists of more than 2.4 million loyal members. The majority of our sellers who are live at Åhléns have succeeded very well with their sales on this marketplace. Getting started selling at Åhléns is also a relatively simple process. However, Åhléns is selective in which sellers they accept and which they don't. In other words, in order to sell on their marketplace, your range needs to be right on time and fit their platform. We have noticed that selling clothes on Åhléns' marketplace is very attractive, one of their best-selling categories is also women's fashion.

Do you sell clothes in the Mainstream or Luxury segment? Both of these fit well with Miinto, they have a distribution of 65/35% on women/men, so women's clothing also has an advantage on this marketplace. Miinto has over 1 million visitors/month and is active in 13 markets in Europe.

Secret Sales is a good marketplace for those who sell clothes and want to sell out old stock, especially if you want to reach out to the British market. One of our sellers has e.g. a turnover of €15,000 per month on this marketplace.

Afound is another marketplace with a focus on off-price and which is good at drawing a lot of traffic to their site. Afound is also part of the H&M group and many of their sellers are major fashion brands.


Children's clothing

  • Åhléns
  • Stadium
  • CDON
  • Fyndiq

As a seller of children's clothing, you should be extra careful with your product data. Rich product descriptions and information about materials are incredibly important. Imagine yourself selling products to parents who buy clothes for the most precious thing they have in life - their children. What kind of material does the product have? Is the material sustainable? Can it withstand wet & rainy weather? Can it be machine washed? Dryer/cod cabinet? Is the material itself comfortable and mobile?

Åhléns should be one of your top choices if you sell children's clothing, the majority of our users who sell children's clothing have succeeded well at Åhléns and we also see a slightly steadier sales curve here in comparison with the other 2 marketplaces below.

A marketplace that launched last year (2021) and has really proven to be a great choice for selling children's wear is Stadium. This marketplace has a high presence in Sweden and it has 4 million members in its customer club.

The all-in-one platform CDON has also been shown to sell children's items well, so some of our users who sell children's clothing have increased their sales in this marketplace, especially during the autumn/winter seasons.

Seeing Fyndiq on this list can feel a bit confusing as this marketplace is rarely associated with clothing, but as a matter of fact, we have some sellers who offer children's clothing that has been successful on Fyndiq. As long as you have competitive prices on your children's clothes, Fyndiq can surprise you, especially during sales periods such as Black Week.



  • Zalando
  • Spartoo
  • Miinto
  • Afound

If you sell shoes, we can warmly recommend the marketplaces above. We can give an extra plus to Zalando with their long right of return which is 100 days. Returns? - That's not something I want. Is probably your first thought, but if you don't have a physical store where the consumer can try on your shoes, this marketplace is a perfect channel for you. Why? Well, because then you can reach the consumers who want to try on shoes before they buy them. This is because they can order different sizes at home to test which one fits best and keep them and in a simple way return those that didn't fit. This can contribute to increased customer satisfaction, which often leads to good reviews.



  • Zalando
  • Miinto
  • Åhléns

Underwear, loungewear, nightgowns, pajamas, all of these sell well in the aforementioned marketplaces. Socks & underwear in multi-packs has a tendency to sell more, especially before holidays/sale periods.


  • Zalando
  • Åhléns
  • Miinto

What about jewelry and accessories then? We have gone through the sellers' sales and can see that the 3 above stand out when it comes to selling jewelry, especially Zalando Germany.

For more information about each marketplace, read our other articles.

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