One of France's most popular online jewellery store

This French marketplace has 12 million visitors/year online and over 30 physical stores.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


This French marketplace is as luxurious as a marketplace can get. MATY is one of France’s most popular online jewelry stores, and they have several physical stores in France. MATY sells their own products, however, the buyer will be able to spot the difference between your products and MATY’s as it says who’s selling and shipping the product.

Maty holds a high standard in their marketplace and solely lets professional sellers offer their products there. This marketplace only offers jewelry and watches for women, men, and children.


  • As a third-party seller, you have the freedom to choose your carrier.
  • You get your own information- and product page.
  • 12 million visitors/year.
  • Easy to collect good reviews.



In order to become a seller at MATY, you need to have competitive prices and you need to make sure you have reliable and fast transportation. It’s very important as well that your product descriptions are clear and that they correspond well with the product. Another essential thing is how the product is packaged. This as the buyer will get an email asking to review the buying experience. They will evaluate if the following complied with their expectations:

  1. How well the product description is corresponding to the product
  2. If the delivery time was correct
  3. The appearance of the package

If you get too many “bad” reviews and end up with a score that is less than 3/5 there is a chance the marketplace will close your account.

Maty also evaluates your orders, for instance, your order acceptance needs to be higher than 75 % and you have to accept the orders within 72h.


If you offer jewelry or watches and have a strong brand you may have the opportunity to sell your products on this marketplace. As it is a French marketplace you need to be able to ship your products there.

Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Apply for a seller account here. You could also send them an email here.

Do you already have an account at MATY and want to connect it to Sello, contact our onboarding team and they will help you, you can do that here.

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