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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


A deal breaker whether a customer purchases your product or your competitors’ is the product description. Hence, put some extra effort on improving your product description.


Don’t forget your target audience when you write your product description. Don’t just include your product’s function or its ingredients. Instead, focus on why your target audience should buy the product. For instance, if you sell scented candles, and your target audience are women between the ages of 25-40 who like to relax at home by reading an exciting novel. Then perhaps you shouldn’t put too much focus on the ingredients in your candle, nor just mention the burn time. Try to include interesting texts instead that explain why this product would suit your target audience; e.g. Which scent does the candle have? Does this scent contribute to a feeling of relaxation? What are the perks of the long burning time? – Is it because Anna 35 should be able to relax with her candle an entire day, e.g. during her breakfast in the living room, the long bath she takes in the afternoon, the evening reading in her bed before she falls asleep?


In addition to the above mentioned, customers appreciate bullet points. Bullet points are one of the first things that catches the customer’s eyes, hence this is something that could help you to increase your exposure. If you have a Sello account, you could add bullet points directly in Sellos interface.


Make sure you have great pictures, as a picture says more than 1000 words. But what is a great picture?

  • the lighting should be bright (pictures with bad lighting are never appreciated)
  • they should be high resolution
  • include several pictures of the product but from different angles

Pictures may be essential, however, a video says more than 1000 pictures. Did you know that some marketplaces such as CDON allow videos? So why not include a great video that distributes how the product is used? Or just a cool video of the product and its features.


The more channels you are active on, the more exposure you will get. Being on multiple channels will not only contribute to increased sales, it could also increase your brand awareness. If customers see your brand and its products on several marketplaces they will feel more inclined to purchase from you as you will be perceived as a more solid brand.

In addition, another contributing factor is that most large marketplaces have good marketing on e.g. Social Media. For instance, if a customer is “scrolling” on Facebook s/he could see an ad where a marketplace markets one / several products, the customer could then click on the ad and end up at the marketplace, scroll around and ending up at one of your products. Due to this, the greater part of the customer journey will have been smooth and fast for the customer, as s/he has been able to stay on her/his favorite social media while s/he has bought a product.


We have mentioned this before in another guide, however, we will mention it again as it is so important.

The more good reviews you have, the higher trust your potential customer will have for you. A high level of trust is very often connected to increased sales. Thus, our tip is to always make sure that the customers that have bought from you, write a review afterward. If you are allowed to, send them an email and ask a few questions. How did they experience the purchasing process? Did the product arrive on time? Did it exceed their expectations?

Since reviews are an essential factor, it’s also vital to put a lot of time into your customer service. Make sure all orders are sent on time, and always answer questions and do it as quickly as possible. Check your reviews frequently, if someone has written a bad review, it is important to be fast to answer in order to maintain a positive picture of you as a company and your products.

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