Sello Analytics version 2.

A more modern, detailed, and simply better version of Sellos' dashboard!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Sello analytics 2 is a more modern, more detailed, and simply improved version of the Sello dashboard! From now on, you as a seller can analyze your sales even more deeply.

Sales by country

A completely new analysis tool. Now you can easily see which countries you sell best in, the "hotter" you are in a certain country, the hotter pink color you will get in that country! Under the map, you will of course see a slightly more detailed figure about how much you perform in each country.


Sales per marketplace

An old treat that we have updated and made a bit fresher. Now, you can easily see your sales on various marketplaces for 12 months.


Sales per channel

Much like above, however, if you have a webshop directly connected to Sello, you will be able to analyze your sales there as well and compare it with how you perform on different marketplaces.



In Sello Analytics v2. you will also be able to keep better track of your returns and which channel you have the highest/lowest return rate on.


Best seller

Another old treat but with a fresher look! Now you can see your best-selling products and the return rate on them.


Best sellers by channel

We have refined the above tools a bit and made it possible for you to also see which products sell best on each channel.


Best selling categories

Keep track of which categories you perform best in! The image below shows how easily you can see which categories you sell the most products in.


Best category per market

This is one of our favorites at Sello, a deeper dive into the aforementioned tool. Now, you can easily analyze which product category generates the most sales on different channels. This allows you to see if you should activate more products within a certain product category on a certain channel.


In addition to the aforementioned, you can also analyze your purchases, the number of products per warehouse, and products that perform poorly!

As usual, we at Sello would love to have your feedback! Are you missing a tool? Would you like to be able to dive even deeper into any of the aforementioned tools? Get in touch with us and we'll look into it!

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