The first marketplace to specialize in shoes and fashion.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Spartoo was established in 2006, 8 years later this French platform launched its marketplace. It became the first marketplace to specialize in shoes and fashion. Today, it is active in 20 countries, has over 7,000 brands, and offers a broad range of products for its customers.

Thanks to our partnership with Spartoo, if you integrate to Spartoo via Sello you can start in any country of your choice (usually one has to start in their home country), however not all countries at once. You will also get a 6-month free subscription fee in the 1st country you go live in.


Why Spartoo?

  • Spartoo takes care of all the customer service in all countries.
  • 10 million unique visitors/month
  • 8 million active customers
  • Take advantage of their e-marketing that consists of display, retargeting, SEO/SEM, email, affiliation, and google shopping.
  • In the case of returns, Spartoo reimburses the customer and doesn't keep the commission.

Financial benefits:

  • No set-up cost
  • No minimum contract term
  • No fixed monthly fee on cosmetics and decoration
  • 6 months free subscription when integrating via Sello on the 1st country

You receive the payment for all dispatched orders minus the commission at the beginning of each month. The marketplace contract is non-binding but requires a 30-day notice period before cancellation. Spartoo also proposes fulfillment options through its logistics branch. Read more about that here.


Requirements for selling at Spartoo:

Spartoo accepts products from the following categories: shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, beauty, decoration, and lingerie. The initial requirements to sell in Spartoo Marketplace include:

  • Minimum of 50 SKUs (with color variation, excluding stocks)
  • High-quality images with white or light gray background
  • EAN-codes read more about EAN codes here
  • Dispatch orders within 48h
  • Delivery cost <5€
  • Detailed descriptions in the language of the country of sales (preferred). Read more about how to optimize your product descriptions here.

Are you interested in selling at Spartoo? Or are you already selling there and want to connect it to Sello? Send us an email here.

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