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Are you selling technology products and want to reach the French market? Then this marketplace may be a perfect fit for you!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


This marketplace is a French tech company that specializes in Apple products and accessories. MacWay is one of the leading companies when it comes to selling new and/or old Mac products. Quite recently they have started selling Android products as well. MacWay allows both professional sellers and individual sellers to publish their products on their marketplace. Both new and used products can be sold on this marketplace. However, to be an individual seller one has to live in France.

MacWay has 5 million visits/year and over 120 000 active customers. Hence, if you sell technology products and want to reach the French market, this is a great marketplace for you.



  • You need to add the guarantee in your product description or on your seller page, and it can’t be less than 1 year as that isn’t accepted by MacWay.
  • Pay attention to your customer service, it has to fulfill the customers’ expectations
  • The acceptance rate must be higher than 90 %.

There are solely two different delivery methods you can choose from, these are:

  • Standard delivery: 48h
  • Express delivery: 24h

The customer will be asked to give reviews about you and your products, which is great as it could help you to increase your trustworthiness. However, you need to have a score higher than 3.

Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Apply for a merchant account here.

Do you already have an account at MacWay and want to connect it to Sello? Send us an email at and one of our onboarding managers will help you.

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