Improve your SEO in 10 steps

SEO may seem troublesome, however, there are some simple changes that you can do in order to improve your SEO. Below we list 10 simple tips on how you can do this.

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


1.Something that’s probably quite obvious to many of you, your content has to be relevant for the search; i.e. don’t expect your exclusive leather jacket to appear on a google search for a vegan jacket.

  1. Have generic titles on your website, i.e. one for every landing page. Also, remember that the title should describe your products and your company, as your customer/potential customers keywords should be connected to your titles and content.

3.The same goes for your headings, these can be divided into main headings and several subheadings, and they should be relevant and describe the content that is underneath it. For instance, don’t have fragrance sticks under a title called “Perfume”, a better option would instead be “Home Fragrance” or “Scents for your home”.

  1. Keep in mind that your content should be interesting for your target audience. If there are some keywords that you wish to appear on on google searches, make sure that you frequently mention them on your website. For instance, if you want your website to appear as the first/second option when someone searches for scented candles, make sure that you mention scented candles several times on your website. If you do this, Google will apprehend that your content corresponds to what the person is searching for.

  2. Don’t forget your URL! Having long URLs is not appreciated by Google, nor is it appreciated when it includes a bunch of random numbers. Make sure that your URL is clean and descriptive, e.g. “****.com/scents-for-your-home”.

  3. The metatext also requires some attention. The metatext is the small text that is visible on a google search, so make sure that it is informative and a bit selling.

  4. The number of links to your webpage is also something that can contribute to a higher spot on the search results. Thus, put some effort into making other pages link to your website, and link to it on all your social media (if you are active there, which you definitely should be).

  5. Name the pictures on your website, the name you give them should be informative, as this is something Google perceives.

  6. A so-called sitemap is also something that Google’s robots appreciate; a sitemap is a file that you upload that describes how your webpage is constructed.

  7. The last thing we want to mention is something that is quite obvious in today’s society, your website SHOULD be mobile adapted.

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