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Image settings/tools that facilitates the onboarding to different marketplaces

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Did you know that different marketplaces have different image requirements? Some require the images to have a specific background color, while others require that the background is transparent. The same goes for the type of image, sometimes you need to include detail images, model images, environment images, and packshots.

We at Sello are aware that this can be a bit tricky and have hence created some tools to facilitate this.

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1. Different images on different marketplaces


All your connected marketplaces have their own image tab in Sello where you can see all your images, under each image you can choose to “un-bock” the ones that you don’t want to send to that marketplace. Won’t it be overwritten by the images from my webshop/feed? No. These settings are specific to the marketplace and won’t be overwritten.

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2. Different image types


A new setting that we have created recently allows you to set what type of image it is, e.g. if it’s a model image, packshot, etc. The main reason why we added this setting was to make it easier for you to distinguish what type of images you have.

Automatically converted

In addition, one of our most trending marketplaces at this moment, Zalando, has a specific requirement that model images should have a gray background color, while the rest of the images should have another color. Hence, when setting one image as “model”, Sello will convert this image’s background color to gray when sending it to Zalando.

Transparent images

Another of our top-trending marketplaces right now is Stadium, this marketplace requires the images to be transparent, thus, Sello has made it possible to transform PNG images and make their background transparent when sending them to Stadium.

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