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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

Joom is a mobile cross-border marketplace with HQ in Riga, Latvia aimed to make a merchant's everyday business experience simple.

This article will cover the following about Joom

  • Why Joom Marketplace?
  • Joom pricing model
  • A unique marketing experience
  • Integrated logistics solution
  • How to apply/connect Joom to Sello.

Why Joom Marketplace?

  • 28 million active customers
  • Live in 190 countries.
  • Joom takes care of all customer support
  • European merchants can use all marketing and promotion tools for their products, including daily, weekly, monthly, and special promotion campaigns, the Influencer exchange program, and JoomAds internal advertising from the early days of sales free of charge.
  • Joom can translate merchant’s product content into 23 languages.
  • With Sello, you get the first month free from commission at Joom marketplace.


Joom pricing model

This marketplace’s commission is 5-15% depending on the product category (no other fees and no other payments). Creating stores, listing products, and launching new countries for delivery is free of charge. The payout period is two times per month. Joom pays in EUR using your bank account or Payoneer account

A unique marketing experience

Joom’s social network allows sellers to share write-ups and thematic selections (including branded products) so that users could buy products directly from the social network or a blogger’s review. This is a unique option that none of the other European marketplaces has.

Top Store status for most responsible merchants

In 2021, Joom introduced Top Store in order to reward the shops for reaching a certain level in all store’s performance metrics and having passed the quality assessment by Joom with flying colors. The Top Store status allows selected shops to get additional traffic, offers extra promotion and visibility for their products, and increases customers’ loyalty.


Integrated logistics solution

All European Joom merchants are free to choose any shipping company(s) they like. Joom is fine with all of them in case they are integrated with Aftership (99% of them are) and the shipping method has a tracking number. Merchants set shipping costs for the products costs and ship orders directly to customers by themselves not using Joom warehouses.

For the UK, French and German merchants, Joom also offers Joom Logistics service (not mandatory, just as an option) which is an end2end solution that starts from the pick-up and ends with a successful delivery in all EU countries. Joom Logistics also offers French merchants 24-hour delivery to the main French cities.

Get started with Joom

As mentioned above, with Sello you get the first month free from commission at Joom marketplace. Get started today by registering here NOTE, you need to follow the link in order to get the offer when you register.

Are you already selling at Joom and want to connect it to Sello? Send us an email here and we will help you.

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