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Can you deliver competitive prices and great product descriptions? Then Fyndiq may be a great choice for you!

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund


Here comes an updated version of our Fyndiq article. Selling on Fyndiq has many advantages, and we have statistics that show how valuable it can be. Sello received 10 435 orders from Fyndiq Black Friday year 2019, while during Fyndiq Black Friday year 2020 Sello received 25 581 orders! This is an approximate increase of 145.15%.

Fyndiq has been around since 2010 and is Swedens biggest marketplace for bargains. Fyndiq’s core demographic is women and families with children, and the marketplace has around 2 million visitors each month. Fyndiq’s best-selling categories include health and beauty, hobby, mobile accessories, toys, electronics, and interior decoration. Fyndiq is a great marketplace for both large and small sellers who want to spend their time on sales and nothing else as the marketplaces deal with all the customer support.



Fyndiq welcomes all types of sellers, however, they have a preference for sellers that have experience from other marketplaces and that can offer products with good prices. The marketplace has a ‘selected few’-approach meaning that they want to find a good match between them and the merchants, this in order to ensure good cooperation and good sales.


For your sales to be successful at Fyndiq, the products should have great pictures. The categorization should correspond to Fyndiq’s categories (i.e. do not neglect the categorization), and you should have a competitive price. You could of course sell products with well-known brands if they have outlet prices or if you have a clearance sale.



The following attributes with fixed values lists are accepted by Fyndiq v3:

  • Color
  • Size
  • FyndiqConnectionType
  • FyndiqHairType
  • FyndiqPattern
  • FyndiqSkinType


In 2020, Fyndiq carried out a major update of its marketplace. The new update enables Sello to synchronize product and order information within minutes! If we take up Black Friday again, in 2019, one of our bigger sellers received 510 orders from Fyndiq, while in 2020 they received 1655. Another seller went from 120 orders to 1072 orders in 2020! These statistics clearly show the advantages of selling on Fyndiq, especially during SALE times.

To sum up, if you know that you can have/already have competitive prices and would rather focus on having great product descriptions than marketing & customer support, Fyndiq is a great choice for you!

You can apply for a merchant account on Fyndiq here. If you want to connect your Sello account to Fyndiq you can simply follow this guide by pressing here.

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