We are constantly looking for new ways to improve Sello – which is why we make it a point to listen to our customers. Your feedback is what helps us to develop relevant tools and features that make Sello even better. Below you will find our core features and a brief description of what they can help you with.

Managing products

Editing products should be fast and easy according to Sello philosophy. Sello offer several ways to edit products, each with its own advantage.

The most widely used way to edit a product is editing one product at a time using the Edit window. In the Edit window you can edit any and all information about the product. It will display the current information about the products and display fields still empty. A common edit done on individual product basis is uploading images. Other ways to update products are through Excel imports, bulk editing or quick editing.

You chose where to sell your products
Filter your products
Edit many products at the same time
Different prices on different channels
Organize your products in folders
Efficient order management

Manage several orders at a time by using Sello’s bulk features. Work with up to two hundred orders at a time using the bulk orders features like printing delivery notes for several orders at the same time.

All order management in our platform could be done in bulk – This is key when striving to cut time on order management. Create shipping documents, marketplace delivery notes, packing lists, and other important order management documents in bulk.

Save time by also updating several orders statuses at a time. Simply select the orders you wish to update and what order status to give the orders. Work in bulk and use all our order features for as many as two hundred orders at a time.

Custom order statuses
Delivery notes
Order overview
Multiple users

If you are several people managing one Sello account, each person can have a unique user. Users can be set to have different permissions, such as read-only or permission to display sales statistics.

Having multiple users to one Sello account is not uncommon as you business grows. Some users will need access to manage orders and some users might work more with product management. Setting permissions on users makes it possible to restrict the access to sensitive information such as you account settings or sales dashboard. It still allows for Sellos features and functions whilst still keeping your account safe.

Create a user by choosing the permissions and send an email invitation to the new user to allow them to set their own password for their user log in.

Purchase orders
Health check
Order statistics

See the number of individual orders you have received and the average order value over the last 30 days and how it compares to the previous month. The average order value is based on your order total from the last 30 days divided by the number of orders from the last 30 days.

Sello will calculate the number of orders you have received over the last 30 days so that you easily can track changes in your sales. The number of orders is not the only factor to consider when tracking sales, the average order value is also useful factor to consider. Sello will show both the number of orders and your average order value next to each other on your Sello dashboard.

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