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Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

fonQ is a Dutch marketplace with a focus on home and interior design. 2018 was the year fonQ chose to become part of the Mirakl family. The purpose of this was to be able to offer its current and potential customers a wider range from carefully selected third-party sellers.

fonQ has expanded a lot in the past year and today the marketplace has over 140,000 products from 600 carefully selected third-party sellers. They have a great drive to continue in this direction and improve the customer experience on the site. They were also awarded first prize in the “living” category at the Netherlands Shopping Awards 2021.


fonQ's most popular categories are:

  • furniture
  • home decoration
  • cooking

Why should we sell on fonQ?

The platform can generate a lot of traffic as the last financial year showed an increase of 70% during the first months. Thanks to the increased traffic, 1.7 million products were sold during that period. Sellers get their own information and product page that the customer comes to by pressing on the "sold by"-button.


What you need to know before selling on fonQ:

  • If several sellers offers the same product, only one of these will win the offer and thus get the so-called "buy box".
  • Having good & clear product descriptions is extremely important for this marketplace. If you e.g. look at the products that are ranked highest on the site you will see that they have a rich description.
  • In connection with the above, EAN/GTIN and other common attributes such as material, color, dimensions, etc. are important to have. Depending on the category, additional attributes may be required.

fonQ is constantly looking for new products and brands that fit their site, so if you think your products would fit in this marketplace, you can apply for an account here

Are you already selling at fonQ and want to connect your sales there to your Sello account? Send an email to our onboarding managers here

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