"Sello has the best order management system I've come across."

Christian Boberg
CEO, TrendRehab

Who are TrendRehab?

A Swedish brand that develops massage, home training, and recovery products that are marketed in Scandinavia, primarily online.

Why did you start e-commerce?

On the same day that the corona crisis broke out, we had to switch completely to e-commerce. In retrospect, it's probably the best thing we've done.

Why did you decide to start selling on marketplaces?

We wanted to reach a wider market and also countries outside Sweden's borders.

How did you find Sello and what made you choose Sello?

I received a tip from an acquaintance in southern Sweden. Sello makes it very easy to manage your channels. Everything from publishing products to booking shipping.

What have been your biggest challenges with e-commerce and how has Sello been able to help you with these?

The challenge is to constantly be up to date and you can never relax. The industry is changing too fast for that. Sello facilitates your management of e-commerce. You get a quick overview and can focus on your sales in the first place. The Sello program solves the rest.

How has your sales/turnover increased since you started with marketplaces?

Our turnover has increased. Marketplaces can be an entire business or a part of it. You decide for yourself.

Would you recommend Sello to other e-tailers? If yes, why?

We have been using sello since 2018 and if you want to reach a wider audience, Sello is a very good way to do it. They also have the best order management system I've come across.

Do you see any particular trends for marketplaces?

Yes, marketplaces are trending in such a way that large chains have now also opened up their own marketplaces. More niche marketplaces can probably be expected in the future.

How do you think e-commerce will change in the next few years?

I think it will grow even more, and become more global. Marketplaces in some countries make up a very large part of e-commerce turnover. This may also be the case in Sweden.

Do you have any tips for other e-tailers that you wish you had received before you started?

Have a complete business structure. Keep track of your overheads and believe in what you do. Then go in it to win it.

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