"Sello is not just an integrator, but a valuable partner in helping businesses succeed."

Dan Li
Founder, Just Things We Like

Who are Just Things We Like?

A good shearling jacket lasts lifetimes. Based in Antwerp Belgium, Dan and Hubert started their own shearling brand JUST THINGS WE LIKE in 2020. Their aim is to create cozy, affordable, and good-quality shearling jackets that can withstand the test of time.

Why did you decide to start selling on marketplaces?

The traditional wholesale model is no longer as effective as it used to be. As a startup brand, selling through showrooms or agencies generates insufficient profits to sustain our business. We are therefore interested in selling our products directly to end customers and establishing direct relationships with them.

Marketplaces offer us an ideal opportunity to launch in multiple countries simultaneously and reach millions of customers. In fact, we cannot think of a better way to sell our products than through marketplaces.

How did you find Sello and what made you choose Sello?

When our brand was accepted by Zalando, we were provided with a list of suggested integrators and we chose Sello. This decision was based on the fact that Sello's integration services are much more affordable compared to other integrators for a starting-up brand.

What has Sello helped you with?

We are thrilled that we chose Sello as our integrator. After comparing them to other integrators, we found that the other integrators' installation fees were exorbitant, even before we could start selling anything on the marketplace. Moreover, the more countries and marketplaces you add, the more you have to pay just to connect. This made them an unaffordable choice for a small company like ours.

In contrast, Sello was the perfect choice for us. They didn't charge us anything for installation and there were no fees for adding countries or marketplaces. We only needed to pay when we made a sale. Furthermore, their staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. They helped us with onboarding and were quick to respond and resolve any issues that we faced. We consider Sello to be a reliable and valuable partner for our business.

What will Sello help you with this year?

Thanks to Sello, we were able to expand our reach beyond Zalando and access more marketplaces by connecting with the right people. This year, Sello helped us secure a spot on Miinto, and we are excited about the potential increase in sales that this will bring.

We believe that selling on Miinto will allow us to reach new customers and build our brand's presence on a larger scale. With Sello's support and guidance, we feel confident in our ability to succeed on marketplaces and continue to grow our business.

Would you recommend Sello to other e-tailers? If yes, why?

I would highly recommend Sello to any brand looking for a reliable and affordable integrator. Sello provides everything you need to get started, with significantly lower costs compared to other integrators.

What sets Sello apart is their exceptional care and attention to their clients. They go above and beyond to help brands expand their markets and connect with the right marketplaces. Sello is not just an integrator, but a valuable partner in helping businesses succeed. In short, Sello is the best choice for any brand looking to sell on multiple marketplaces and expand their reach.

Do you see any particular trends for marketplaces?

I have noticed that with all the marketplaces I have been working with, sustainability is a major focus. These marketplaces are actively seeking out brands that are eco-friendly and sustainable, and are even promoting them to their customers. This is a great development, as it not only encourages brands to adopt sustainable practices, but also raises awareness among consumers about the importance of environmentally friendly products.

As a brand, it is important to prioritize sustainability and incorporate eco-friendly practices in order to meet the expectations of these marketplaces and appeal to conscious consumers.

How do you think e-commerce will change in the next few years?

E-commerce has become the major selling channel, and I believe it will continue to dominate in the years to come. However, I also anticipate that there will be an increase in interactive and live-stream selling on e-commerce platforms in the near future. As consumers increasingly seek out personalized and engaging shopping experiences, interactive and live-stream selling can provide an effective way for brands to connect with their customers in real-time.

These types of selling channels offer opportunities for customers to ask questions, receive recommendations, and see products in action before making a purchase. Therefore, as a brand, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest e-commerce trends and innovations and be open to exploring new selling channels in order to continue to engage with customers and grow your business.

Do you have any tips for other e-tailers you wish you had received before you started?

Selling on marketplaces has proven to be more complex than I initially anticipated. It's not simply a matter of uploading product pictures and waiting for sales to come in. However, I've found that selling on marketplaces can significantly expand your business, so it's worth investing the time and effort to do it right.

One of the biggest challenges of selling on multiple marketplaces is managing stock and returns efficiently across all platforms. This requires a well-coordinated system that can keep track of inventory levels, sales, and returns in real-time. Fortunately, Sello has been an invaluable partner in helping me navigate these challenges. Their platform makes it easy to manage stock and returns across multiple marketplaces, so I can focus on growing my business and providing excellent customer service.

Their support staff is always available to help me with any questions or issues that arise, and their user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage everything in one place. I'm grateful for their assistance and would highly recommend Sello to anyone looking to sell on multiple marketplaces efficiently.

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