"Our sales increased by 25%"

Nick Alvares
Managing Director, AYA Label

Who are AYA Label?

AYA Label is an Amsterdam-based brand founded in 2018, creating beautiful sustainable swim- and sportswear. We try to encourage all women to step away from fast fashion and to show that sustainable fashion can be timeless, affordable, and fashionable. From the perspective of comfort and environmental impact, all garments in their collection are made from sustainable materials. From here we create all of the designs you love! Be a Goddess, Save the ocean

Why did you start with e-commerce?

We started with e-commerce because we had as a goal to give women worldwide the opportunity to buy our products. We also have a goal for AYA label as a sustainable brand to have a strong position in several countries and not alone the Netherlands. The best way to do this is by creating a strong online presence that goes further than borders.

Why did you decide to start selling in marketplaces?

We’ve been in contacted by a lot of marketplaces to join them, but these contacts never turned into a collaboration. We were always skeptical because often processes could not be fully automated. When a lot of manual work is needed to handle the orders, it is not profitable. Until we got in touch with H&M and they told us that it was possible to set up the processes with regard to stock, order statuses, updates, tracking, etc. in such a way that we can automate most of it.

How did you find Sello and what made you choose Sello?

Something was needed to automate it. H&M indicated that Sello could help us with the solution. We had a meeting with Sello and this conversation gave a lot of confidence that they could help us.

What have been your biggest challenges with e-commerce and how has Sello been able to help you with these?

The challenge is for us to properly communicate the information between our 3PL, our e-commerce platform, the marketplace backend and the marketplace front end with correct attributes, images, prices, stock etc. Sello has taken this whole mapping piece out of our hands and made sure that all of them are correctly mapped.

How has your sales / sales increased in percentage since you started with marketplaces?

Our sales increased by 25%

Would you recommend Sello to other e-retailers? If so, why?

I would definitely recommend Sello. Because the service and the way they communicate is great. Up till now they have been able to tackle all the issues we encountered during implantation.

Do you see any special trends for marketplaces?

Yes, the trend is that more and more larger players are also moving to Marketplace offering. Especially the larger players will broaden their categories and will suddenly also move to for example fashion and lifestyle products from selling for only Perfume and Beauty products. Integrating new brands, products and categories is becoming easier and easier for them.

How do you think e-commerce will change in the next few years?

I think we're moving into an e-commerce world where everything can be bought everywhere. The traditional online shoe store also is selling fashion and the perfume and beauty store is selling furniture.

Do you have any tips for other e-retailers that you wish you had received before you started?

Be selective in choosing a marketplace to work with, so that you can maintain your brand values. If you find the right match it can increase the growth of your business very quickly and take it to the next level. Another important aspect is the cost allocation and allocation of the margin. Make it interesting for both parties.

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