"Once you have recognized the need, the company can benefit of the many valuable opportunities offered by being present on marketplaces"

Maria Schrøder
Digital Marketing Specialist, E-commerce, Wineandbarrels

Who are Wineandbarrels?

Wineandbarrels is one of the Nordic countries' largest suppliers of equipment for storing wine and wine accessories in general. The company was founded in 2008 after owner Jakob Dau had traveled around Europe to find suppliers of wine barrels for his newly planted vineyard on Langeland. On his trip, he found two cooperages in France and Hungary respectively, both of which produced hand-made wine barrels according to proud craft traditions. An import business was born, as the demand for wine barrels was, and is, quite high.

In the following years, Wineandbarrels has expanded considerably with a large range of furniture for storing wine, furniture, wine cooler, wine glasses and other accessories for wine. In short: Everything for your wine.

Wineandbarrels now produces a range of products itself around the world and is a distributor of some of Europe's most renowned manufacturers within wine coolers, wine racks, wine furniture, wine glasses, wine accessories and wine barrels.

Why did you start with e-commerce?

Based on the products we offer, Wineandbarrels is a "born global" company where perceived demand can and is expected to be met and by expanding the company internationally. From the early start, when the demand in Denmark had to be met, e-commerce made it possible for the company to expand to several countries.

Why did you decide to start selling on marketplaces?

As part of achieving our ambitious growth goals, presence on marketplaces was part of the business strategy. Some benefits of choosing a marketplace as a sales channel, in addition to growing the business, are the opportunities to increase brand visibility, increase consumer’s trust level, and gain access to potential customers on an international level.

How did you find Sello and what made you choose Sello?

Based on preparatory work, recommendations from the first marketplace, and Sello's ability to meet our needs, Sello was chosen as a partner, which grew in scope to several marketplaces.

What have been your biggest challenges with e-commerce and how has Sello been able to help you with these?

Scaling the company to several markets and countries has been challenging, as one size doesn't fit all, but we have found that products, communication, and other processes must be adapted to the local market.

We experience that Sello already possesses knowledge of the individual market through the marketplace and sales on associated markets, as well as valuable know-how, which is transformed into Wineandbarrels through our collaboration with Sello.

Which marketplaces has Sello helped you get started on?

Sello is our partner for the marketplaces Elkjøp, MediaMarkt and Saturn, and Amazon (work in progress).

Would you recommend Sello to other e-retailers? If so, why?


We have met nothing but professional, welcoming, problem-solving, and service-oriented partners who are well-grounded in what they offer in terms of products and services, and as a service user, it is educational and safe, and common objectives are fulfilled.

Do you see any special trends for marketplaces?

In public articles and talks about e-commerce, marketplaces are now highlighted as an obvious must-have in relation to the company's sales strategy. When you as a company have recognized the need, you can make use of the more complex and diverse, but valuable, opportunities that are inherent in the marketplace.

How do you think e-commerce will change in the next few years?

Through our daily dialogue with consumers, we have experienced changing preferences and action patterns, which we assume will continue in the future. This confirms the importance of a creative and diverse mindset in meeting the changing and complex demands of consumers in areas such as payment and delivery options, the need for innovative customer service, and sales, for example with online guidance and augmented reality.

Do you have any tips for other e-retailers that you wish you had received before you started?

Be patient and give it time. Don't be reluctant to ask for advice and recommendations on best practices, performance, and other related topics. Look at con-colleagues, be curious and creative, and pitch in if there are gaps or opportunities.

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