"Our sales to end customers increased explosively in the first month. "

Salah Nasir
General Manager, Evelent SW AB

Who are Evelent SW?

We import and distribute accessories and spare parts for, among other things, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches to retailers, authorities, and consumers.

Why did you start with e-commerce?

In the early 2010s, we realized that a website would make it easier for our customers to see the entire product range and easier for us to handle orders. It was a natural development of our business

Why did you decide to start selling in marketplaces?

We wanted to kick-start sales to end customers. We considered marketplaces to be a good place to "dip our toes".

How did you find Sello and what made you choose us?

We explored all alternatives and opportunities in the market very carefully and tested most of the integrations. Quite quickly, we realized that Sello added to our needs by a margin.

What have been your biggest challenges with e-commerce and how has Sello been able to help you with these?

The biggest challenge was to adapt our range of 8000+ products and 2 brands to the end customer. Sello has been a valuable help by assisting and guiding us through how you can through their platform update your product range in a time-efficient way with the help of several tools as well as help from Sello's developers.

How have your sales increased in percentage since you started with marketplaces?

Our sales to end customers increased explosively in the first month. Thereafter, sales on the platform increased by 20% every month for several months.

Would you recommend Sello to other e-retailers? If so, why?

We can highly recommend Sello. Rich in functionalities and commission-based integration model is probably the right way to go. You experience that Sello wants you to succeed!

Has Sello developed anything new during Q1-Q2 2022 that you have benefited from? If so, what?

We often find and become recommended smart features on the Sello platform.

Do you see any special marketplace trends?

You need to be quick and discover new trends to keep up and rank high among the competitors.

How do you think e-commerce will change in the next few years?

We believe that e-commerce will increase in the coming years, thanks to a better experience for the customer in the form of better logistics solutions and AI that puts what you are looking for in front of you.

Do you have any tips for other e-retailers that you wish you had received before you started?

In general, for e-retailers, it is important to do their homework in all areas of their industry.

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