"Sello has enabled us to expand into new marketplaces faster and more efficiently than we could otherwise do on our own."

Emeli Hartzell
Marketplace & affiliate coordinator, Corlin Eyewear

Who is Corlin Eyewear?

Corlin is a Scandinavian eyewear brand based in Stockholm, Sweden that was founded in 2017 by two students. Our philosophy is to design playful yet classic silhouettes with a focus on unisex styles with uncompromising quality.

Why did you start with e-commerce?

We started e-commerce because it is a great sales channel that enables the customer to shop regardless of time and place. In addition, you can reach a global market in an efficient way, which gives us the opportunity to expand our business and increase our sales.

Why did you decide to start selling on marketplaces?

We saw a potential to primarily test new markets outside of Sweden, for example Germany, which is our biggest market at Zalando right now. In addition, we saw an opportunity to be able to reach customers that we otherwise cannot reach today. By selling on well-known and established marketplaces, we can also spread brand awareness and increase our visibility.

How did you find Sello and what made you choose Sello?

Our first contact with Sello was through an article on LinkedIn. The reason we chose Sello was mainly because they are an established integration partner with good knowledge of the subject. They also collaborated with all the marketplaces we were already on as well as those we are interested in doing an integration with. It makes our work much easier to have all marketplaces gathered in one place.

What has been your biggest challenges with e-commerce and how has Sello been able to help you with these?

Sello has enabled us to expand into new marketplaces faster and more efficiently than we could otherwise do on our own. Through their platform, we can manage all of our marketplace sales channels in one place, saving us time and resources.

What will Sello help you with next?

Right now we are expanding to new marketplaces where we are getting help from Sello with onboarding on Miinto and H&M at the moment. Our future plans are to continue expanding into interesting marketplaces within Europe and then globally with Sello.

Would you recommend Sello to other e-tailers? If yes, why?

We would do that. We started our collaboration with Sello quite recently and we are absolutely satisfied so far. Sello's onboarding managers are knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant, making the job of integrating new marketplaces easier. This also applies to their support, which is knowledgeable and solution-oriented. Sello as a platform is also very flexible and easy to manage yourself once you have started working in it.

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