Biggest online technology shop in Spain

Mikaela Berglund


By Mikaela Berglund

PcComponentes, the biggest online technology shop in Spain, launched its Mirakl powered marketplace in 2018.

This marketplace is looking for sellers who offer electronic consumer goods and related categories. In 2021 their best-selling products were PCs and Laptops, PC components and accessories (Graphic cards, RAM, Keyboards, etc), Smartphones, TVs, Small household appliances.

Why should you sell on PcComponentes?

  • One of the top 5 e-commerce websites in Spain
  • +2.6M orders per year
  • 190M sessions per year
  • 750M pages views per year
  • 6M Followers on social media
  • More than 25.000 keywords listed in the first 3 positions of Google which translate into more than 3.000.000 searches


Target Audience

PcComponentes target audience is consumers who are:

  • Aged between 25-45
  • Critical, participative, and creative
  • Interested in technology and state of the art tendencies
  • Occupied, informed, mobile, without geographic or time restrictions
  • Considers the internet as a tool to make life easier.
  • Buys in online shops. They value the comfort of buying at any time and receive the order at home
  • Brand prescriber. They value other opinions and share their experiences on social networks and blogs


Requirements for selling at PcComponentes:

Vendors must be registered in the EU with products stored here too.

Having EAN codes on all products, as the offers are synchronized by EAN and product creation has variable requirements related to each category.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for PcComponentes hence they will evaluate your business on the following criteria after approximately the first 5 orders:

  • The valuation of your account is lower than 4.2/5
  • Your percentage of orders with incidents is higher than 15 %
  • It takes you >24 working hours to accept an order
  • Your acceptance percentage is lower than 98,5%
  • The avg. response time to a customer's message is >24h

Are you interested in selling at this marketplace? Follow this link to register for an account.

Are you already selling at this marketplace? Send an email to one of our onboarding managers here

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